Windows 8 is mainly for PC users, not tablet

I saw one post in eWeek claiming that Windows 8 will have big threat to iOS devices.

Hey, has eWeek editor really tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview version before you claimed it?

I downloaded and installed Windows 8 in my virtualbox. I spent 2 hours testing Windows 8. I can’t understand why people always try to compare Windows 8 with iOS?

Don’t forget, Windows 8 main target users are traditional PC, not mobile device. I know Windows 8 has introduce Metro interface into and it will support ARM devices. But it is first used for PC users. To Windows 8, the most important thing is not to beat iOS, but how to ensure seamless experience for Windows Phone users when they switch between mobile devices and traditional computers.

Can Windows 8 become winner? I can’t tell. But I know if Microsoft wants to win the war with Google Android and Apple OS X/iOS, it needs to bring best user experience to PC users first.

So the first operation system Windows 8 try to beat isn’t iOS but OS X, even though there were lots of rumors that OS X will merge with iOS in the future.

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